Vanilla Beans & Extract
Hand Pollinated

While vanilla is a hobby at Orchard del Sol, it is an addicting one.
Dedication is what it takes.

The only known orchid to produce a fruit, vanilla vines must be checked
daily to produce the long green bean that, when cured,
has the most notable flavor and fragrance in the food industry.

Pollinating the flower is the easy part. The curing of the beans is a real art.
Uniquely Blended, our Vanilla extract is alcohol based and is our own recipe.

While standards for extraction exist in the industry,
every producer of extract keeps their blend a secret.


Vanilla Beans - 6+"
in Glass Vial

1 per vial = $8.95

Vanilla Extract
Uniquely Crafted

1 x 60 ML = $12.95

Vanilla Extract
High Test
1 x 60 ML Double Strength = $22.95 (?$20)