Black Pepper ~ Truly Lemon Pepper ~ Colorful Peppercorns

Hickory Smoked Pepper - Pink 'N Lemon Pepper

Pink 'n Pepper ~ Pink 'N White Pepper ~ White Pepper

Black Pepper ~ Botanical Name: Piper Nigrum

Black pepper is the main focus at Orchard del Sol. With more than 12 years experience we are now helping other small farms with their sustainability.

Sustainable farming is about stewardship of the land as well as profitablility. 

Our ecological and ethical farming practices include composting, manual weeding, and foliar spraying with micronutrients derived from worm castings and other all natural ingredients that the farm has in abundance.

Piper Nigrum, commonly known as black pepper, is semi-epiphytic.  It grows on  a support tree.  Here on our farm we are trying to be more bio-diverse  in the choosing  of the support trees as they help amend our volcanic, acidic soils.

Black Pepper, White Pepper, and Green Peppecorns are derived from the same plant. Stages of harvest and drying methods produce the variations which give the difference in color and flavor.

We are proud of our exceptional flavored pepper.  Care is taken in the harvesting, washing and drying process as well as the storage of our products to maintain the freshest possible pepper.

Harvesting is done by hand. Black pepper is picked mature but still green. White pepper is picked more mature so the skin slips off easily and soaked in water.  These bright red peppercorns will dry to also become black in color if the skin stays on or be the white seed seen below.

The red colored berries found in colorful blends and found in our ColorFul Peppercorns are no relation to pepper.  Pink Peppercorns, French Pepper Rose, or Brazilian Pepper, and botanically (Schinus Terebinthifolius) or Schinus Molle, are sweet, and yes colorful, and give the colored blend a unique flavor.

Commercially pepper is harvested, removed from its small stem then placed in a kiln to dry with no concern for the volitile oils that provide their great flavor.

Hear at Orchard del Sol the pepper seeds are stripped off the small stems using a modified pea sheller, washed in potable water and placed on the drying tables.

From the harvesting to the sun curing our pepper provides a fresh flavor and offers a great fruity aroma.

Inovative  in our desire to produce unique products,  our more mature pepper is now soaked in fresh squeezed lemon juice and allowed to age like fine wine.  This is our alll natural  "Truly Lemon Pepper".

No salt!  No sugar! No artificial flavors! Just Great Flavored Pepper



Costa Rica Whole Black Peppercorns

Hand Picked! Sun Cured! Exceptional Flavor & Aroma.

Nothing tastes like good quality pepper!

Whole: 145 G = $10.95
Grinder: 50 G =  $8.00

"Truly Lemon" Peppercorns

Soaked in the farms fresh squeezed lemon juice you will find no other like it.

Whole: 100 G   = $10.95 
Grinder: 50 G =  $8.00

Costa Rica
White Pepper

Grinder: 55 G =  $8.00

A Mix of Black, White and Pink Peppercorns

A blend of our famous Costa Rica Black and our White Peppercorns combined with Pink Pepper Berries.  The Pink Pepper Berries add color and provide an interesting flavor to this medley.

Whole: 100 G = $10.95
Grinder: 50 G =  $8.00

Hickory Smoked Peppercorns

A unique nutty flavor with a bouquet of BBQ season. An interesting base for making a peppery rub.

Grinder: 55 G =  $8.00

Whole: 100 G =  $10.95

Pink 'N Lemon

Grinder: 30 G =  $8.00
Pink 'N Pepper

Grinder: 20 G =  $8.00
Pink 'N White

Grinder: 30 G =  $8.00
Pepper Steak
All-Round Seasoning

A Blend of Hickory Smoked Pepper, Garlic, Sea Salt & a Medley of Spice.
A versitlie favorite. 
Less Than 25% Salt.

100 G = $10.95

Lemon Infused Pepper SeasoningRub Concentrate

A Burst of Lemon & Spice. 
Costa Rica Black Infused with Natural Oil of Lemon.

70 G = $10.95

Peppery Grilling Herbs

Garlic & Costa Rica Black Pepper

Blended with Italian Herbs.

Compliments Chicken, Fish and Veggies.

 Less Than 20% Sea Salt. 

100 G = $10.95