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Organic Sweet Cinnamon

Wild 'N Native
Costa Rica Ginger

Certified Organic Nutmeg Powder

Certified Organic Clove Powder

Certified Organic
Ginger Root Powder
Organic Paprika Powder
Organic Cayenne Powder
Greek All Purpose Seasoning

Ranchers Rub
Dry Rub & Coating Mix
Pepper Steak
All-Round Seasoning

A Blend of Hickory Smoked Pepper, Garlic, Sea Salt & a Medley of Spice.
A versitlie favorite. 
Less Than 25% Salt.

100 G = $10.95

Lemon Infused Pepper Seasoning Rub Concentrate

A Burst of Lemon & Spice. 
Costa Rica Black Infused with Natural Oil of Lemon.

70 G = $10.95

Peppery Grilling Herbs

Garlic & Costa Rica Black Pepper

Blended with Italian Herbs.

Compliments Chicken, Fish and Veggies.

 Less Than 20% Sea Salt. 

100 G = $10.95