Uniquely Ours
Arabica Shade Grown Coffee

Not commercially processed we call this our "Honey Coffee".

Hand picked ripe coffee cherries are dried before de-pulping,
allowing for the natural sugars to absorb into the beans.
During the sun drying, which may take move than 30 days,
a slight fermentation takes place providing our coffee with a unique flavor.

  In micro-batches, beans are roasted to medium/dark.
The sugars in the beans caramelize differently giving this coffee
its unique flavor.  No water is used in processing. 
This means no environmental impact.

Packaged in a foil resealable stand-up pouch to retain freshness.


Whole Bean Dark Roast: 400 G = $15.95

Whole Bean Dark Roast: 2 x  400 G = $28.00